Meople News: Cherokee Sunrise

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the news for this week. The weekend was busy proof-reading a friend’s thesis, so you get your news fix today.

At the end of May, Frederic Moyersoen’s Cherokee should be available from White Goblin Games. Cherokee is a card game about different clans of Cherokee competing for supremacy in the tribe, where older Indians have more feathers (which show influence) but are more easily dispatched by younger fighters. Also from White Goblin Games: hints at an upcoming expansion for Rattus this fall.

Fantasy Flight Games is, as most weeks, generous with news. This week we have a revised re-release of Red November by Bruno Faidutti and Jef Gontier, fresh information on the Arkham Horror expansion Miskatonic Horror(Kevin Wilson, Richard Launius) and the fantasy battle deck-building game Rune Age (Corey Konieczka) and finally the announcement of yet another intriguing game: Ventura by Alberto Menoncin and Silvio Negri-Clementi. Ventura is a game about warfare (and economy? and maybe intrigue, given the setting?) in the recently fruitful 14th century Italy setting.

While most of those are in the slightly more distant future Bruno Cathala’s and Ludovic Maublanc’s Dice Town Expansion (that seems to be the English title for the moment) will be available in June from Matagot/Asmodee.

Clever Mojo Games has two new games coming this autumn. Princes of the Dragon Throne (Fred and David MacKenzie) – the website is a bit empty right now – uses the common deck-building mechanism to drive a game of resource management and area control.  Sunrise City by Isaias Vallejo combines two other popular mechanics: tile laying and role picking.

And to brighten up your week (although Monday is thankfully over already), have some new art spoilers for 7 Wonders: Leaders.

This week photo of Heidelberg on the Neckar river was taken by Roger Wollstadt and shared as CC-BY-SA. Thank you Roger for sharing this photo. Here’s the original.

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